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Custom self-service solutions​

We turn ideas into self-service solutions


Software development and consulting

Integrations with existing systems and development of custom solutions for your business needs.

Self-service system management & maintenance

Making sure that a swarm of terminals work as supposed, can be monitored remotely and updates are deployed seamlessly.

Hardware procurement and consulting

Carefully select the right hardware for the desired self-service solution.



Tapbox is a one-stop self-service solution provider for a wide range of industries and application areas, such as catering, cinema, entertainment, hotel, ticketing, customer servicing, and more. A carefully designed self-service solution boosts business productivity and profit margins by offering a superior customer experience, as well as offloading the human resource of repetitive tasks.

We offer a full range of services: self-service system design, procurement, software development, and maintenance. Our approach allows for a precise response to business needs and enables integration with existing business systems. We work with the highest quality self-service kiosk producers in Europe.

Our key strength is the flexibility of our software that enables us to rapidly develop top-notch solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Our mission is to increase revenue for our clients and improve user engagement by offering quicker purchase time, more effective upselling and cross-selling, as well as more effective use of human resources.




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